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Organization & Storage


Ovation goes beyond simple storage. With tools to record metadata, custom tags, and records for experiment sources, Ovation provides the complete story of your data. Activities allow researchers to record the role that a file played in a project, whether as experimental output or analytical input, and remembers those relationships.


Ovation provides a platform for seamless data exchange between all the participants in your research, whether in the same building or around the world. Manage teams, provide varying levels of access, and track data ownership easily with a few simple steps.

Seamless Collaboration


Visualize & Make Connections


From start to finish in your experimental workflow or analytical pipeline, Ovation is there. Visualize your data in the way you've always wanted. Your data's provenance is a click away, allowing you to see the connections between files and sources, and the entire story of your project, from source to completed manuscript or figure.